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Wisley New Town Planning Applications Ref: 23/P/00417 & 22/P/01175

We would like to draw your attention and recommend that you OBJECT to two current planning applications being made to Guildford Borough Council relating to the Wisley New Town project - it's important that you send TWO separate EMAILS to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one for each application. Please note, emails need to be sent by 6th May 2023 and show your name and address (your address will be redacted by GBC when they post the objections on their website).

There are links below for the suggested wording for the two emails but please feel free to modify them as you see fit. The Heritage Trust has long campaigned against the Wisley New Town project as it would over load our Roads and Infrastructure as well as inappropriately develop former Green Belt Land (removed from the Green Belt by Guildford’s previous council to facilitate this project), ruin grade A agricultural land, lose countless trees and green countryside, cause biodiversity loss on the edge of a site of significant scientific interest, etc. What is more these houses, predominantly private “market” (not affordable) ones, are only to promote growth of Guildford’s population – Guildford’s planned dwelling growth far, far exceeds its ONS forecast family growth.

There has been some confusion over these applications. The Taylor Wimpey application (22/P/01175) is effectively a duplicate of another that had such a negative response (>2000 objections) it has yet to be decided, they are hoping this will wear down the objectors! The “Hallam” application (23/P/00417) is for a parcel of the Wisley New Town land that Taylor Wimpey has hived off in a “divide and conquer” move, which we must insist be considered alongside the overall project plan (this is for one of two “private estates” being planned as part of the project).

I am sure many of you will have already seen this advice about these applications from VAWNT (the objections coordinator) who wrote it and for which we are grateful. As previous objectors you may have had notifications from GBC also – I hope this clarifies things.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we campaign against the unsustainable development of the Wisley New Town!

The suggested text for your objection email are available via the following links (click to view or download):

Hallam Objection text

Wisley Objection text

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