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Conservation Areas


For those of you who may not be aware of all of Cobham's four Conservation Areas, a brief summary:

  • Church Cobham - one of the original areas designated as a Conservation Area in 1973. This area is at the core of Cobham and stretches from Pyports all the way along Church Street on both sides to Mill Road including Skilton's yard, Cedar House and, of course, includes Cobham Mill itself. In this area there are no less than fourteen statutory listed buildings. Click here to see a map...
  • Downside Village - designated in 1979, this large area stretches from St Matthews School, the Old School House, past the Cricketers and all the way across Downside Common to Tinmans Row with Park View at one end and Keeper's Cottage at the other. Click here to see a map...
  • The Tilt - designated in 1979 as well, this area stretches from the corner of Stoke Road and Leigh Hill Road, past the Running Mare and all along the Tilt to Ashford Farmhouse and Stile Cottage. This area includes the many commons along the Tilt, which make this area so special. Click here to see a map...
  • Plough Corner - designated in 1990 includes The Plough Inn, Plough Corner and Cobham Park. Click here to see a map...

There are many listed buildings designated within the Conservation Areas representing both architectural and historical context. A listed building may be a Statutory Listed Building or a Local Listed Building.

A Statutory Listed Building is a building or structure which the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport considers to be of special architectural or historic interest. Listing gives a building legal protection from demolition and alterations which would destroy historic features or affect its character.

A Local Listed Building has been classified by the local Council as deserving protection. There is no statutory protection for buildings on the Local List, although there have been several cases nationwide where inappropriate alterations have been successfully rejected at Appeal.

Some of the listed buildings in the Cobham area:-


Designated in year

Listed Buildings
(S - statutory, L - local)

Church Cobham


Pyports (S)
Church Cottage (L)
Church Stile House (S)
Rose Lodge (L)
St Andrews Church (S)
21 Church Street (S)
18 Church Street (S)
Lime House (S)
15 Church Street (S)
5 Church Street (L)
3 Church Street (L)
La Capana (S)
51 High Street (S)
The Bear Inn (S)
Ham Manor (S)
The Old Mill House (S)
Skiltons Yard (4 buildings) (L)
Cedar House (S)
Cobham Mill (S)

Downside Village, Cobham


Tinmans Row (nos 1 – 8) (S)
The Cricketers (S)
St Matthews School (S)
Old School House (L)
Chapel of St Michael (L)

The Tilt, Cobham


1 Tilt Road (L)
The Old Fire Station (L)
9 & 10 Korea Cottages (S)
Ashford Farm House & outbuilding (S)
Stile Cottage (L)

Plough Corner, Cobham


Cobham Park (number of buildings) (S)
Plough Inn (S)
Plough Corner Cottage (S)
Plough Cottages (3 buildings) (L)
Cobham Park Nursery Cottage (L)


1 Sep
Cobham Heritage Litter Pick - Cobham
01 Sep 2019 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Please join us on Sunday 1 September 2019 at 2pm, meeting on the corner of Church Street and the High Street in Cobham.

Please bring gloves and we will supply high-viz jackets, rubbish bags and litter pickers.

8 Sep
Cobham Mill Open Day
08 Sep 2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The mill is open on the second Sunday of the month from April to October 2pm–5pm. The milling of corn is carried out during these openings, and a short video presentation about the mill and its restoration is shown at intervals.

8 Sep
Cobham Crown Jewels Open Day
08 Sep 2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Come and visit Cobham's three Crown Jewels. It features three of our most attactive and interesting heritage attractions which were built in the 8th,12th and 19th centuries. They are all close to each other which allows all three to be visited during the afternoon.

More details here

Become a Volunteer with Cobham Heritage

The Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust is a local charity which relies on vounteers to help run the Trust, promote local history and conservation issues and organise fund raising events such as our annual Cobham Heritage Day. If you think you might like to join us, visit our Volunteer Vacancies page to find out which roles you might like to get involved with. We always try to make it fun.

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