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Cobham Refill - Tackling Plastic Waste

Refill Poster w400Like almost every part of the U.K., Cobham suffers from packaging convenience at the expense of litter and plastic waste, especially plastic water bottles.

Helping to make the use of a reusable and refillable water bottle the norm, will help tackle plastic waste at source, curb much of the litter and reduce both plastic use and plastic waste. 

The Refill initiative encourages consumers to use reusable water bottles and to make it easy to refill the water bottles at participating businesses.

The Refill Scheme

The Refill scheme seeks to publicise where you can get a water refill free of charge. Participating businesses can be found either through the Refill App on your mobile smart phone or by looking out for signs on shop fronts and doors.

The scheme is nationwide and Elmbridge Borough Council are promoting it.

This will help tackle plastic waste at source and will mitigate the fact that 30% of plastic in our oceans are or derive from single use plastic water bottles.

 Cobham Refill launch at Energetic Health

How Does it Work

When you are out and your water bottle needs to be refilled, you visit a participating business and a member of the shop's staff will refill it with fresh tap water.

Many businesses have signed up to Cobham Refill

Participating businesses in Cobham include: Costa, Starbucks, Sweaty Betty, Energetic Health, Cobham Yoga, Cobham Pilates, Art of Living, Evie Loves Toast, Jeremy Hobbs, Sally Adams, Travel Professionals and the Old Plough.

Any other interested businesses can contact Laurence Wells via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more details about the scheme visit the website.



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