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Feeding the Ducks in Cobham

Please don't feed bread to ducks

Cobham is fortunate to have the river Mole pass close to its High Street and the opportunity it provides to see wildlife close up, especially swans and ducks.

Feeding the ducks is an age-old pastime for families but recent research has concluded that feeding bread (especially in large quantities) is detrimental to the health of the wildfowl. The uneaten bread also affects the river because it goes mouldy and affects fish as well.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Canal and River Trust do not recommend feeding bread to ducks as it’s like feeding them junk food.

What do Ducks Really Like?

  • special wild duck food pellets
  • sweetcorn (canned, defrosted or fresh)
  • lettuce torn into small pieces
  • peas (defrosted, no need to cook)
  • oats (rolled or instant)
  • seeds

Duck Food Now Available in Cobham

If you would like to feed the ducks but don’t have any of their favourite food, Cobham Heritage has partnered with the Princess Alice Hospice Charity to provide individual bags of nutritious duck food. The bags can be purchased at the Princess Alice Hospice Charity shop at 52 High Street (just a short walk, 50 metres away) for a £1 donation per bag. 

We want families to enjoy the river and to feed the ducks but we would like to encourage everyone to feed them good nutritious food.

Become a Volunteer with Cobham Heritage

The Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust is a local charity which relies on vounteers to help run the Trust, promote local history and conservation issues and organise fund raising events such as our annual Cobham Heritage Day. If you think you might like to join us, visit our Volunteer Vacancies page to find out which roles you might like to get involved with. We always try to make it fun.

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