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Cobham Green Belt Open Meeting - Wed 22 Jan 2014 at 8pm

Several proposals to build on Green Belt in and around Cobham are being talked about.

Cobham Green Belt (

  • Housing & secondary school


Portsmouth Road, Cobham.

(Burhill Estates - privately owned by members of the Guinness family)

  • Waste Incinerator


Redhill Road, Silvermere

  • Housing


Wisley Airfield


Individually, these proposals would have a dramatic effect; cumulatively, another 2,600 homes and a waste incineration plant could all be developed within 3 miles of Cobham. Also talk of 1,000 new homes in each of the Horsley's. All on current Green Belt land. Green Belt status and policy was developed to prevent urban sprawl and ensure our environment is maintained sustainably for the good of all. General planning policy is designed to ensure our infrastructure is similarly sustainable.


The proposals as submitted would see a massive rise in the number of households in the local area, with all that means for our local infrastructure - roads and travel; waste, sewerage and water, local services (doctors and health, amenities, etc.) However, the proposals claim to offer benefits - from waste recycling to improved housing availability and a local secondary school.


To date there has been no substantive, widespread public consultation on any of these proposals amongst the Cobham population to really find out what Cobham people feel. Consequently, representatives from Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust, Cobham & Downside Residents Association and Cobham Chamber of Commerce have initiated 'Cobham Green Belt' initially as an information portal website. We  are also holding a public meeting in Cobham on Wednesday 22nd January at the Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive, Cobham at 8pm.


We want to know what you really feel about these proposals, but also what you feel about Green Belt policy locally and the potential for further developments.


If you want to protect our Green Belt   OR   You are happy for more development
If you want more local school places   OR  You feel we should make better use of the schools we have
If you feel we need more houses   OR  You are concerned about the strain on public services and our road network
If you want to retain Cobham's Village feel   OR   You think we should allow Cobham to grow and develop


Whatever your opinion, please come to our meeting and share your views.


One thing is sure, if we allow developments to follow the simple will of those proposing them, the only people happy with the result will be the developers and land-owners.


If we take the time and make the simple effort to express our views, we all stand to benefit from a local environment being developed in line with OUR needs and wishes.


If you cannot come please register your interest by visiting the Cobham Green Belt website at and sign up for the free newsletter. You can also "Like" the CobhamGreenBelt Facebook page or follow on Twitter @CobhamGreenBelt.

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