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Holly Parade Development in Cobham to be considered at Full Planning Meeting. Why it should be Refused.

NOTE: Planning Meeting Time brought forward, see new times in red below

Those of you who were able to join a capacity gathering at our Open Meeting in December will have heard the disappointment expressed in no uncertain manner at the news that the South Area Planning Sub-Committee had recommended approval of 1-7 Holly Parade (Planning Ref 2016/2185). Our view remains that the Officers report was flawed and some of the content legally unsound, with little or no reference made to the letters of opposition. Hopefully all is not lost and the Application will now go to a meeting of the Full Planning Committee on the 17th January 2017.

I have written to the Chairman and members of the Full Planning Committee, with relevant enclosures pointing out our fundamental concern at the decision. We continue to challenge the mass, height and design of the building, its view from the conservation area coming from Riverhill and air quality in our High Street.

We also pointed out that the Council Conservation Officer was not consulted, even though the proposed development would be visible from the Conservation Area. I can report that comments have now been lodged by the Conservation Officer, who has reported:

"I consider there would be the possibility of this part of the building being visible from within the Conservation Area, particularly in the part of the High Street nearer to River Hill which is in the vicinity of a number of listed buildings. Given its height and bulk and large flat roof area, I consider, therefore, that there could be some detrimental impact on the setting of the Conservation Area."

We have gathered together various documents below including our correspondence to members of the Planning Committee, together with the comments provided by the Conservation Officer.

  • Current view from the Church Street Conservation Area
  • View from Church Street if proposed development is built

This Application will be considered at the Full Planning Committee meeting to be held at the Civic Centre,High St, Esher KT10 9SD on Tuesday 17th January starting at 7.00pm 7.45pm, and we urge you to come along to this meeting to support our opposition to this application in its present form. It is most important that we have a good turn out. We are hoping to meet outside the main entrance to the Civic Centre at 6.30pm 7.15pm and we will have a suitable banner to make our point about this flawed application. Please feel free to bring your own placards!

It was very disappointing that at the Sub-Committee Hearing less than 20 objectors came along in person, despite the fact that there were some 450 written objections. So if you want to support us come out and show that support on Tuesday 17th January 2017 – wrap up warmly and we shall see you at 6.30pm 7.15pm outside the main entrance of the Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High St, Esher KT10 9SD.

I hope you can join us.

Sir Gerald Acher
Chairman, Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust

Supporting Documents (Adobe PDF files):-

Cobham Heritage - Representations - 27 Sept 2016

Transition Cobham Air Quality Group Letter - 30 Sept 2016

Cobham Heritage Letter ref Holly Parade 8 Dec 2016

Sir Gerald Acher’s Speech on Holly Parade at Sub-Committee planning Mtg - 12 Dec 2016

Conservation Officer Comments 1-7 Holly Parade - 5 Jan 2017

Chronology relating to affordable housing

  • Current Front Elevation of Holly Parade, High Street, Cobham
  • Proposed Front Elevation of Holly Parade, High Street, Cobham

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