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Down Memory Lane

Street Cobham

Mr C Van-den-Steen of Coveham Crescent writes:

'I am writing about Street Cobham. I have lived there for over 50 years of my life ...... we had our own shopping centre, three pubs, a restaurant, a snack bar and also tearooms.

We had our own grocery store and ironmongers and we did not need to go up to the High Street for anything.

When I look at it now it is more over-developed than any part of Cobham ...... I remember the United Dairies with the horses at the back of our house. Also Lynns, the butcher opposite.

I also remember Dobson the shoe repairer, with a mouthful of nails; two of his daughters still live in Cobham. My Gran used to work for Matthew Amold ...

I worked in Cobham Mill until I went into the Army during the War and again for a little while after I came out.'

Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Riverhill Greenflag Award

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Open Spaces Award

Open Spaces Award